The Studio - Thought . . .

As long as you can love and admire,
you shall stay young forever !

- Pablo Casals -


Dear Human,

Do you know what you are ?
You are a marvel .
You are unique .

In all the world
there is no other child
exactly like you .

In all the years that have passed ,
there has never been
another child like you .

And look at your body ,
what a wonder it is !
Your legs, your arms ,
your clever fingers, the way you move .

You may become a Shakespeare ,
a Michelangelo, a Beethoven .

You have the capacity for anything .
Yes, you are a marvel .

And when you grow up ,
can you then harm
another who is, like you, a marvel ?

     - Pablo Casals -




For those , who do not love ,
music expels all hatred .
To the restless it gives peace ,
and it comforts the weeping .
Those, who do not know any further,
find new ways ,
and to those , who reject everything ,
there arises new security
and hope .

     - Pablo Casals -